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(Print Issue #373) "The world of Crow's tales is a dark and dangerous one, full of ghoulish steampunk contraptions, eerie paranormal settings and ominous, powerful villains. Despite this, there is something undeniably alluring about this strange place as well, making each story uniquely compelling. The characters who fill each story are uniquely sympathetic, drawing readers beyond the bizaare sights and sounds to find something very sympathetic in each of their tales. The tone of these stories varies greatly, from dystopian fairy tale to something much closer to horror, and though all the stories probe the nature of humanity, they occasionally feel disjointed and isolated from each other. Still, Crow's imagination is formidable, and stouthearted readers will no doubt revel in this shadowy, outlandish world she has created."

Just Love Romance Reviews

"Meridian is mainly a tender and also absolutely fucking hot romance between two wonderful guys, but also a suspenseful thriller..."

Joyfully Jay (MALACHITE)

"First and foremost, I was enthralled by the relationship dynamics in the book. These are uh-may-zing. The book has a LOT of delicious angst that revolves around complex interpersonal relationships between complex characters..."

From Top to Bottom Reviews (SCARLET AND THE WHITE WOLF)

"Kirby Crow has created an intriguing and enthralling world with interesting, and diverse characters that wouldnít let me go until I had read the last page. Once youíve processed all the information from the first couple of chapters, you wonít want to put the book down."

From Top to Bottom Reviews (MERIDIAN)

"...a fantastic story that is at times romantic and the next second making your heart race a mile a minute..."

Joyfully Jay (MERIDIAN)

"Meridian is a quickly paced novel with romance, lots of heat, and some nice suspense. The story balances the relationship between Matty and Grant well with the thriller side of things as they deal with the threat from Jaeger."

Boy Meets Boy Reviews (MERIDIAN)

"I could feel the sun bleached docks under my feet, hear the cicadas, see the kudzu and smell the salty Gulf air in summer..."

Series Spotlight: Scarlet and the White Wolf, by Joyfully Jay m/m Romance Reviews

"The Pedlar and the Bandit King was one of the first books I read when I started to explore m/m fiction, and the series as a whole propelled me to delve further into the genre."

Selina Kyle's Reviews

(Hammer and Bone) "Solid A rating for this one. Even if the rest of the book was nothing but chicken scratch I'd recommend it based purely on this story."

Paranormal Romance Guild

(Circuit Theory)"The virtual world enthusiast would enjoy this story and even the virtual virgin should enjoy the glimpse (albeit short) into this alternate reality. "

Infinite Love

(Circuit Theory) "Another thing that spoke to me was the fact that the avatar and relationship was just as real for being an escape from a real life and body that never quite fit its owner. "

Mrs. Condit & Friends Reads Books

Kirby Crow and Reya Starck have written the most original story Iíve read in a long, long time. CIRCUIT THEORY takes place in a virtual world called Synth and the characters are avatars, which in todayís role-play lexicon means a virtual representation of a person. The term comes from Hinduism where it was originally used to describe a manifestation of a diety or a soul that has returned to earth in the flesh.

The Novel Approach

It seems the more I read, the harder it gets to find unique, so I feel really lucky that Iíve discovered more than a few books lately that have set themselves just that little bit apart from the standard in their originality; Circuit Theory is definitely one of those books

Joyfully Jay Reviews

Dante and Byron are avatars, characters created to represent their human counterparts in the role playing game Synth. In real life, the two men have never met and probably never will. But within the world of Synth, Dante and Byron are partners and in love. They share a beach house, spend almost all of their free time together, and even have cyber sex lives.

Elisa Rolle - Reviews and Ramblings

Only a novella, this is a love story between avatars, but never something so unreal felt so realistic. Trust me, more than once it happened also to me to be in Danteís shoes, wondering if my ďactivityĒ in the cyber world has effected someone in their real life....

Angels of the Deep won the Epic Award at the 2010 Epicon in New Orleans!

Angels of the Deep gets 5 stars from Rainbow Reviews, 5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs, and 4.5 lips from Two Lips reviews!

"This is a dark fantasy, so uniquely beautiful in its horror and alluring in its pain that youíll be unable to put this book down. The world Crow has created from the brilliant sun to the depths of empty darkness combine with the fantasy and history of Gods, Angels, Demons, and the ultimate balance of good and evil. The subtle and nuanced writing with beautifully lyrical prose read like a fantasy, yet the tangible evil and fear within almost mock the lovely, moving and descriptive writing of such deeds. This is an incredible story that I read twice before even attempting to write a review and will likely read many more times in the future..."

"Angels of the Deep is the quintessential supernatural dark thriller. Iíve always been a big fan of Kirby Crow, and this novel is her absolute best. Rife with paranormal intrigue and characters ranging from demonic to angelic, itís superbly written..."

Angels of the Deep also won in the Rainbow Awards for Best Writing Style!

Review Links:

Rainbow Reviews on Goodreads

Literary Nymphs


Good Reads has some glowing recommendations for Scarlet and the White Wolf, which is now available in print from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target.


The Romance Studio gives "Mariner's Luck" a 5 Heart Review:

"...The danger is so relevant the reader gets caught up wondering what twists will take place next and if they will be separated in their actions. I liked the way the sensual tension is put into play. Once again Kirby Crowe opens up a fantasy world filled with mayhem and magic. When Liall jumps to his feet, about the magic of the Hilurin, his whole being practically lifts off the pages. Characters so robust, so gutsy, and motivating, make this read another fantasy exploration most hard to put down."


Coffee Time Romance has given a 4-cup review to Scarlet and the White Wolf 3: The Land of Night. Check it out here, if you've read the first two books, that is! :)


Scarlet and the White Wolf, Book 1 has been nominated for Best Novel in the Spectrum Awards, to honor works in science fiction, fantasy and horror which include positive explorations of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered characters, themes, or issues.


James Buchanan author of My Brother Coyote, writes:

"Liall and Scarlet are back! Now theyíre in Liallís homeland of Rshan, a place where the endless night soaks its darkness into every heart. Kirby Crow gives us a wondrously detailed kingdom, painting a very sinister picture of a snow-bound palace where plots and treasons hide behind every brocade curtain. It is interesting to read how Scarlet and Liallís relationship is tested by these insidious forces, and how they come to trust in each other."

"Book 3 picks up almost exactly where the last book left off, but could easily stand on its own. You donít have to know the other books to jump right into this one. The romance between the bandit and his pedlar is tender and sweet as they grow with each other. The Land of Night is an enjoyable and rich read."

There are more reader reviews of posted at Torquere Press's review forum. Some snippets:

"...This epic fantasy is gripping and beautifully written. Kirby has created a wondrous world, her description vivid, her story telling skill remarkable and her characters simply leap from the pages..."

"...I am so sorry to see this trilogy come to an end. The final installment was as great as the other two. Kirby Crow's characters are well developed and the circumstances that they found themselves in is interesting and the world of Nemerl a great fantasy that can be understood in terms of different cultures and climates on our real world..."

Also, Elisa Rolle reviews The Land of Night at LibraryThing and again names Scarlet and the White Wolf in Top 100 Gay Novels!


Erotic Escapades Romance Reviews has given Scarlet and The White Wolf 5 tattoos, which means "One of the best stories the reviewer has read in ages". Nice. I got a blue tattoo rating, even though it was "5 star" because "remarkably, there is no sexual action to speak of; just sexual innuendoes that builds carnal tension." I'm very glad she mentioned that. Thanks, EERR!

TwoLips Reviews also gave SatWW 4 Kisses. Seconding that Blue Tattoo rating, the TwoLips review gave SatWW Book 1 a heat rating of 2 Chili Peppers, which they say is "Wild as a Naked Game of Twister!" Wow. See? Tension is hot!


James Buchanan gives Mariner's Luck a shining review, and allays all your fears about the middle book of trilogies.


Scarlet and the White Wolf was on the front page of FICTIONWISE as their 3rd Bestselling Fantasy Novel!

More lovely reviews of Book 1 are posted at the Torquere Press readers review board:

"I've not read anything of Kirby's prior to this book, and was nothing if not very pleasantly surprised. This book is amazingly well written, so vivid that you can read out and touch the characters, hear townspeople murmuring in the background. Delightful and utterly enthralling."


Coffee Time Romance has given Scarlet and the White Wolf a very good 3-Coffee Cup review. The reviewer hints that she's not a fan of m/m romance, but if people who don't like gay romance still like this book, that's a good thing... Right? WARNING: BOOK SPOILERS!

Many thanks for all the kind words!

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